Q1. Is My Payment to Secure?
A1. All Payments are done online through the 100% secured credit card paying ways. will never get your credit card number and you never have to worry about your credit card info gets stolen or sold to other party online because “https” protects the sensitive information on its online secure servers.
Q2. Why is my credit card being declined?
A2. There are several reasons to this occasion:
1. Your information may be entered incorrectly.
2. Your bank may have an older billing address on file.
3. You may have forgotten to enter the 3 digit card code.
4. You may be over your daily limit.
5. Your bank may have disabled internet transactions.
6. Our payment processor may have difficulties.
Q3. What currency can I use to make payment for my orders?
A3. The currency option available to create your order are USD, EURO, GBP,CAD and AUD.
Customers are encouraged to make payment in USD for other currency will be conversed to USD then we can get from the bank.

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