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        Internet Stimulates the Sales Model of Textile Industry

        From:未知  Release Time:2015/11/2 0:00:00
            With the increasing popularity of Internet e-commerce applications and the stimulation of consumption vitality in three or four levels of cities, the bottleneck of the growth of Internet consumer users has been gradually broken, and the transaction scale has also repeatedly reached new heights. With the continuous renewal and progress of textile technology and advanced equipment, as well as the continuous expansion of domestic market demand, China's textile industry has increased rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, China's textile industry has the highest total output value in the world.

            The Internet promotes the development of textiles to a certain extent and stimulates the vitality of textile sales. In the fierce industry competition, some small and medium-sized enterprises are forced to withdraw from the traditional market or be acquired and reorganized, while some small and medium-sized enterprises are actively expanding new sales channels to open up new markets for enterprises. As the most potential emerging market nowadays, Internet e-commerce has become an important sales channel for a large number of textile enterprises. For large-scale home textile enterprises, they need to build a good e-commerce platform at the same time, increase human resources investment and business deployment, through e-commerce out of a new road, or even create a new network brand.

            With a large number of textile enterprises "touching the Internet" e-commerce market, a large number of professional e-commerce textile sales platforms have emerged. These professional e-commerce platforms for textile enterprises and consumers in the field of Internet e-commerce have established a bridge of instant communication.

            With the continuous increase of the overall scale of domestic textile online purchasing, the excellent textile websites with comprehensive promotion index will have a continuous stream of inquiries from customers. Among them, the network promotion of Shaoxing Longyai Knitting Co., Ltd. has been continuously strengthened, and the sales of high-quality 1*1 flat knitting machine ribs, 2*2 flat knitting machine ribs, circular machine ribs, scarf and neck have steadily increased. Just recently, there was news that many textile and apparel enterprises began to prepare for listing. At the beginning of the year, there was also news that many domestic textile and apparel enterprises would also be listed in the year.

            The development of the Internet has made the value of textile distributors recognized again, which will be enough to support the steady development of textile Internet electronic enterprises. Looking at the development of China Textile Network and Alibaba Textile Channel, both of them are already very good. They can be regarded as industry models. In the future, putting Internet sales in the first place will certainly seize more market development opportunities.
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