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        The textile machinery market is booming. Why are these eight types of equipment in 2017?

        From:未知  Release Time:2017/2/20 0:00:00
        In 2017, under the pressure of domestic and foreign markets, the structural reform of the supply side of textile industry will continue to deepen. In this context, it is impossible to maintain the growth of textile machinery sales by scale growth. For the textile machinery industry, variety and quality are paid more and more attention.
        Which spinning machine can save labor most?
        Which spinning machine equipment can greatly improve efficiency?
        Which kind of textile machinery meets the more stringent environmental requirements?
        Based on the statistics of the industry in 2016 and the specific performance of the market, and combined with the actual demand of the textile industry in 2017, we selected eight types of textile machinery equipment and representative products with better market expectations for analysis and interpretation. How will they lead the spinning machine market? Let's wait and see.
        1 Coarse-Slender System
        Best-selling forecast index
        Best-selling reasons:
        The greatest advantage of the coarse-fine system is to save labor. Slender and roving system makes complex operation simple and easy. The "one-button operation" of the lathe blocker can realize the automatic spinning and conveying of roving according to the set technological requirements. The roving-spinning system can realize the collective networking control of multiple yarn warehouses, fully integrate the logistics and information flow between processes by using the Internet of Things technology, which meets the informatization requirements of textile enterprises, intellectualize the connection of roving frame, spinning frame and all equipment of roving-spinning linkage, collect and analyze real-time information, and issue it according to the production process and production management requirements. By issuing instructions to ensure the automation of the whole system, the yarn carrier from roving to spinning is omitted, the traditional management mode is changed, and the manpower cost and management cost are greatly reduced.
        In recent years, the production and sales of textile machinery and equipment, such as coarse and fine links, have been greatly improved. In the current situation of difficult recruitment and high employment costs in the whole industry, the coarse-fine system is expected to become a persistent bright spot in the textile machinery market in 2017.
        On behalf of products:
        Tianjin Grand Coarse-Fine System
        JWF1458+JWF9562A+JWF0123A, an automatic drop roving frame and roving conveyor system of Tianjin Hongda Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., is an automatic and intelligent equipment for roving process, which is more stable, lower failure rate and more humanized in design, based on customers'requirements for multi-spindle number, high speed, simple structure, easy maintenance and labor-saving. Especially the 192-ingot long car greatly improves the stability of the machine and reduces energy consumption. The product can exchange 4 yarns per minute without any load in full-tube exchange.
        2 compact agglomeration spinning unit
        Best-selling forecast index
        Best-selling reasons:
        As the agglomeration yarn has less hairiness, the same warp and weft dense woven fabric has good air permeability, smooth surface, etc., it has become an ideal yarn for high-grade textiles. Cluster spinning is used for knitting, which greatly reduces the end breakage rate of knitting yarn. Cluster spinning technology is used for yarn dyeing, which can reduce weft knot and improve fabric effect. Many enterprises use agglomeration spinning technology to produce blended yarns of linen, polyester, cold fibers and other raw materials, which improves product functionality and fabric style. At present, the overall economic operation of the industry is not good, the quality requirements of yarn are constantly improving, and the compact spinning yarn just meets these requirements. In the first three quarters of 2016, China's aggregate spinning unit sales (including old machine modification) amounted to about 4.2 million ingots, an increase of 90.3% over the same period last year.
        3 spinning trolley
        Best-selling forecast index
        Best-selling reasons:
        In recent years, the spinning frame with collective yarn dropping has been selling well. The main reason is that the spinning frame has the advantages of less labor and higher automation. At present, domestic enterprises are generally facing the problem of employment. The spinning machine captain with collective yarn dropping can meet the needs of enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce employment. Although the overall situation of textile industry is not good at present, the production scale of some superior enterprises is still expanding. These enterprises have chosen the spinning long car in the new equipment, which also has a certain guiding effect on the equipment selection of the whole industry.
        The data show that in the first three quarters of 2016, China's cotton spinning frame sales increased by 14.23% compared with the same period of last year, including 1.84 million spindles sold by long cars, which increased by 67.27% compared with the same period of last year. The proportion of long cars in the total spinning frame is 61.90%, which increased by 19.65 percentage points compared with the same period of last year. As a consensus has been formed within the industry, automation and unmanned products will become the trend of the future market, so it is expected that in 2017 the spinning trolley with automatic yarn dropping will still have a good market.
        On behalf of products:
        JWF 1568 Super-long Spinning Machine for Warp and Weft Yuci
        JWF 1568 electronic drafting super-long spinning frame independently developed by Yuci Branch of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has the longest number of spindles up to 1824. JWF 1568 super-long car spinning frame is specially developed by Yuci Branch of Longitudinal Weft Stock Co., Ltd. to meet customers'requirements for high speed, high stability and high reliability. The yarn quality is good, reaching the level of 5% in 2013 USTER bulletin.
        4 Water-jet Loom
        Best-selling forecast index
        Best-selling reasons:
        With the continuous renewal of fiber materials and fabrics, people constantly put forward new requirements for weaving technology efficiency, which has greatly improved the water-jet loom and Water-jet Weaving technology. Water-jet looms are also rich in weaving varieties, especially suitable for synthetic fibers, ranging from coarse denier silk to fine denier silk, from narrow width to wide width, from general fabrics to jacquard fabrics and special specifications fabrics. Compared with other looms, water-jet looms show their superiority in average weft insertion rate and production efficiency. Water-jet loom is suitable for small batch and multi-variety production, and its investment is small, so it has obtained rapid development. synthetic fiber
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